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Acupressure for Air Travel

If you are anything like me and don’t like to fly, vacation can also be a stressful and bewildering experience. Luckily this acupuncturist knows a few simple and easy tricks to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety while flying. Continue reading

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Natural Sunburn Relief

The sunny days of summer of here which means a lot of time spent outdoors enjoying it.  Whether at the pool, beach, picnics or even out for a walk, we all run the risk of sunburn.  Even if you are … Continue reading

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Acupuncture and Fertility

Chinese medicine is becoming a popular alternative for fertility support. Some studies show an increase in success for those trying to conceive while using acupuncture and herbal medicine. Those who are successful also find that alternative medicine lays down a … Continue reading

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Qi Gong Exercise for the Heart

It is important to remember during this time of year to keep the Heart nourished and it’s Qi flowing smooth. This exercise below can help to balance the Heart and activates its Qi. Continue reading

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