Stretch & Digest: 6 Poses to Soothe a Holiday Belly

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. A day all about spending time with family and friends, expressing gratitude, and reflecting on the abundance we have in our lives. It’s also pretty awesome that thanksgiving involves eating good food and eating lots of it. Everyone can sympathize with getting sucked into the vortex of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, and then being dropped onto the couch with a big smile on their faces accompanied by a big cramp in their bellies. ‘Tis the season they say and we won’t tell you NOT to have a second or third helping of pumpkin pie but we are going to give you a few moves to get your digestion flowing once you’ve finished. These poses help to calm abdominal pain but get the stomach working. Try these six stretches when you need that digestive spark on Thanksgiving or on any day of indulgence 🙂

Reclined bound angleReclined bound angle_21. Reclined Bound Angle Pose – Start by laying on your back with the soles of your feet together. Lay your right hand on your stomach and your left on your heart. Start to breathe slowly and deeply into the belly, feeling the rise and fall of your hands. At least 10 breaths here.

bridge pose_2_2. Bridge Pose – Bring your knees together and place feet on the floor. Pushing into your feet, lift your hips up with hands placed down by your side. [*You can also use your hands to support your lower back while the hips are lifted] Take a few deep breaths here & lower down. [*Protect the lower back when lowering hips down by coming up on the tip toes before rolling the spine onto the floor] Repeat 3x.

gas release pose_23. Half Gas Release Pose – The name says it all. While laying on your back, bring the left knee into left side of the chest, keeping right leg extended. Breathe into this posture. 5 breaths & switch sides. Repeat 3x.

supine twist_24. Supine Twist – Bring the knees together and into your chest and then lower them to your left for a light spinal twist. If you’d like to deepen the twist, you can bring your right arm out to a T and gaze to the right while the knees stack on the left. Breathe 10 deep breaths here & then switch sides. [*Twisting poses help to release toxins trapped in tissues & are great for cleansing the system!]

legs up the wall_25. Legs Up the Wall – This pose is very soothing for stomach cramping, aches, and nausea. Bring your legs to a position on the wall that will allow you to relax and breathe freely into the belly. Take 10 breaths here or hang out as long as feels good to you!

savasana_26. Corpse Pose – Bring your legs down and lay flat on your back with your legs and arms relaxed out from the body. Feel your breath circulating and calming any unpleasant sensations in your stomach. Enjoy corpse pose and the support of the earth as long as you’d like.

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