Reflection & Intention: A Meditation to Release the Old & Bring in the New

The year is coming to a close and while December is usually a hectic month with shopping, family and travel, it is important to make the conscious effort to slow down, tune in, and reflect. Chinese medicine considers the winter season a time to go within. Just as Nature is contracting energy down into her core and roots, we too need to take a few moments to turn inward in order to get ready for the next revolution around the sun. Meditation is a very useful tool to focus on breath, quiet the mind and connect to your inner being. Below we have a meditation exercise for you to use this holiday season in order to reflect on 2015 and set intention for 2016. Taking the time to check in before the end of the year is important in setting a positive tone for the New Year.

End of the Year Meditation and Visualization

1. Find a cozy, warm, and comfortable space to sit. Sit in whatever position is most comfortable to you and one that you can stay in for a little while.

2. Start to focus on your breath. Follow your natural, rhythmic breathing without trying to change it in anyway.

3. Send your breath throughout your body. From the tips of your fingers to your core and down through your feet. Feel the breath circulating.

4. Start to imagine roots growing down into the earth from your sits bones. Feel them ground you into your seat.

5. Imagine that a trunk of a tree begins to grow up through your spine. A strong, stable trunk that is full of positive potential energy.

6. Start to recall things from this year that you are grateful for and/or experiences that have brought you joy. For each thought, a new branch begins to grow out of your tree. The more you can bring to mind and acknowledge, the fuller and more vibrant your tree is with many leaves and blossoms.

7. Once you’ve created your radiant and vivid tree, imagine a pouring of sunlight all over your tree. Harness that warmth and imagine it flowing through the branches, into your trunk and down towards your roots.

8. After you’ve finished bringing in the warm energy, imagine the leaves of the tree starting to fall and the branches becoming bare. Bring to mind experiences, emotions or thoughts from this past year that you need to let go of. Visualize that whatever needs to be released is written on the leaves and feel it detach from your branches.

9. Once your tree has lost it’s leaves, set an intention for the new year. Bring your attention back to your breath and really feel that intention in your body. Focus on your intentions as long as you’d like and then slowly bring your attention and energy back to your space.

Wishing you a peaceful & happy New Year!

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