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Activating Anahata Chakra: 5 Poses to Open the Heart!

In yogic philosophy, Anahata, or the heart chakra, is the fourth primary energy center of the body. In Sanskrit, Anahata means “unhurt or unstuck” and it is associated with the air element – love, like air, is within and all … Continue reading

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When Chocolate is Good For You: Raw & Vegan Fudge Truffles Recipe

Chocolate. The quintessential feel-good treat that makes any experience that much better. Chocolate has been loved by humans for thousands of years and these days there’s a chocolate bar in any flavor and for any occasion. It’s our favorite indulgence, … Continue reading

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Going Nuts for Cocos: Why Coconut Oil is the Answer to Everything!

Who doesn’t love coconuts? Coconuts are delicious! They elicit a feeling of sunny days, sandy beaches and palm trees waving in a breeze. Aside from being delightful in your cocktail, coconut water is known for its high electrolyte content and … Continue reading

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