Awesome Blossom: Springtime Herbs to Help Purify & Refresh

Aside from all of the great produce and food that becomes available in the spring time, there is an abundance of spring herbs that serve as tonics, refreshers and cleansers. Spring herbs are powerful but delightful! They are light, cheery, and often times flavorful plants that are beneficial for purification, allergies, and digestive stimulation. Incorporating seasonal herbs into your routine is the best way to stay in harmony with mother nature, which in turn promotes internal balance. Check out our list below of helpful herbs for a kick-start to your spring season!

Awesome Blossoms

(*tonifying dose for herbs is usually one tablespoon per cup*)

1. Nettles

Nettles are the herb to go to for seasonal allergies! It is a decongestant that is very popularly used for hay fever. Nettles are also a stimulating tonic. They get things moving and grooving through the system and help to cleanse. (*If you are on blood thinners, consult a doctor before using)

2. Peppermint

This is a great year round herb but in the spring it has the function of being extremely refreshing! It freshens the breath, the digestive tract, and the mouth. It is stimulating but soothing for the digestive system, which is great during cleansing or just lightening the load on your liver and stomach. This effect is best with warm tea. The aromatherapy of peppermint or drinking a cold tea can help with congestion during those spring allergies!

3. Dandelion


This is a good springtime healer. The root of this sunshiney “weed” has amazing properties of tonifying the liver and cleansing the blood. It is a stimulant for the liver and can help filter liver-irritating drugs and toxins. The roasted root is a nice coffee substitute – it is very invigorating! You can buy an already made tea bag of dandelion root or you can boil and then simmer the raw root for 20 mins.

4. Sassafras Bark

An awesome spring tonic with a tasty flavor, sassafras purifies the blood, stimulates, and induces sweat to help clear toxins. It is a good stomach and bowel tonic that helps to relieve gas. Simmer one teaspoon of bark per cup for 10-15 mins and it can then be poured over other leafy herbs (peppermint, nettle!) to steep for 10 minutes more. One cup of this tea taken daily for a few weeks will cleanse your whole system! (*Be cautious not to over do the sassafras – it has an oil in it that can be too much for the body to process in large doses!)

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