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Liquid Sunshine: A Solar Herb Tea for Summer Health

There are a number of great herbs to add into your summer routine for optimal health. Summer time is known as the season of the heart and small intestine so movement (circulatory & digestive) is definitely the theme. The element … Continue reading

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“Haaaww”: The Healing Sound for the Heart

The first half of summer is associated with the heart. We know how important a strong a heart is and in Chinese Medicine, it is known to be the Source of Life. The heart has to do with the ability … Continue reading

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Summer in a Glass: A Green Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies have taken the breakfast scene by storm. A relatively quick, easy and delicious way to get your day started, smoothies are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking for hydration, an energy boost, a sweet treat, or a way to sneak … Continue reading

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