“Haaaww”: The Healing Sound for the Heart

The first half of summer is associated with the heart. We know how important a strong a heart is and in Chinese Medicine, it is known to be the Source of Life. The heart has to do with the ability to rule, to understand and see clearly, and to serve compassionately. The promotion of circulation and the movement of energy is crucial to the overall harmony of the body. The rate and rhythm of the heart is affected by our breathing, emotional and mental state so having a go-to exercise for calming and steadying the heart. In Qi Gong, there is a specific sound, breath, and movement associated with the heart center and it helps to bring about balance to the organ. Starting on the exhalation, and by using the breath-mind-imagination, lead and guide the Qi (energy) from the outer sides of the big toes, up the inner legs into the abdomen to the upper chest, armpits, and along the inner arms to the inside tips of the little fingers – then inhale. Do this exercise six times. Check out the video below for guidance on the proper posture and movements to help heal the heart.







Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D.


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