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Get Outside: A Simple Walk Does Wonders!

Late summer is such a wonderful time of year for enjoying the outdoors. The cool-down at the end of the day has a refreshing breeze and golden-hour lighting can brighten up your mood instantly. We have the perfect opportunity in … Continue reading

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Tropical Healing: Anti-inflammatory Pineapple + Turmeric Popsicle!

We’re not ready to let go of summer yet, right? School is back in session but we’ve got weeks of warm weather ahead so that puts cold and frosty treats front and center. These popsicles are incredibly easy to make … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Purple Spots: Why Cupping is Becoming So Popular!

If you’ve tuned into the Olympics this month, you’ve already heard about the therapy of cupping used by athletes and the circular bruises it leaves on their bodies. It has caught the attention of mainstream media and the masses are … Continue reading

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