It’s Conceivable: We’ve Got a New Line of Herbal Tinctures for Women’s Health!

We are excited to announce that Earth and Air Wellness is now offering Conceivable ProLine herbal tinctures!  Tinctures are one of the most effective options for the administration of herbal products. By extracting herbal substances with water, glycerine, and alcohol, a higher percentage of active ingredients are extracted than by water decoction alone. Tinctures require no cooking, mixing, or even a glass of water to wash them down. This makes them great for people that are on the go, and for all of us with busy modern lifestyles.  The tinctures in ProLine do not contain any allergenic binders and have a shelf life of 5 years so they can be a good option for most everyone!

Conceivable ProLine tinctures are focused on women’s health and wellness and are specifically formulated to address sub-clinical disease states that cause infertility, irregular BBT, weak menstrual cycles, irregular ovulation, painful periods, and other women’s health concerns.  They are designed so that we can mix and match modular formulas to create personalized herbal blends, making it easier to address unique needs and phases of the menstrual cycle.

If using Conceivable tinctures to optimize fertility, we will also have you take your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) every morning upon waking so that we can best customize the formulas to your cycle.  Based on your BBT reading, your constitution, and other signs and symptoms you have, we will prescribe you different tinctures to take during the different phases of your cycle. We will continually monitor your progress and make adjustments to the tincture and acupuncture prescriptions until you reach your goal of pregnancy!

Even If you are not trying to conceive (TTC), this tincture line is still very effective and useful in regulating the menstrual cycle to decrease symptoms of PMS, cramping or irregular cycles due to PCOS or nearing menopause.  A regular, pain free cycle is a sign of good health in women and we are here to help you optimize your health! Ask us about it at your next appointment!

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