Protein Pro-Tip: A Simple Walnut + Lentil Dip!

Fall is officially here and we can no longer deny the transition in our moods and foods. Although we might not have quite wrapped our minds around pumpkin-flavored everything yet, we are looking for foods that are grounding and satiating. Enter this walnut and lentil dip! It’s an easy appetizer that has loads of protein and good fats. Pair it with wholesome crackers or find fresh veggies to dip into it and this snack will keep you feeling not only full but fulfilled. That’s the great thing about legume and nut protein – you’re being satiated but in a way that energizes you instead of weighing you down. This recipe has simple ingredients and makes a fairly large bowl so it’s enough for a party snack or to last you as a side dish for a few days. When I made the dip last week, I chose to add basil as the fresh herb instead of parsley and it was delicious. So, feel free to add any extra ingredients to spice it up or your favorite herb if parsley just doesn’t do it for ya. Enjoy!

Walnut-Lentil Dip

Easy Walnut & Lentil Dip. Dairy-free, gluten free and vegan, this lentil dip makes a great snack served with piles of crackers or vegetable dippers.

Click Here for the Recipe!


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