Nature Therapy: Cataract Falls Hike

Every time I set out on a hike, I am always amazed at how instantly refreshing, balancing, and restorative it is. I’ve gone on hundreds of hikes and each time is just as rejuvenating as the last. Getting outside is absolutely crucial for me to calibrate the way I’m feeling. It creates a sincere connection to my body and to the collective body – our planet. It is a feast for all of our senses – feeling the sunshine, seeing beautiful landscapes, hearing the wind, smelling the plants after a fresh rain. The benefits of time spent outdoors, solo or with loved ones, are numerous and accessible. The simplest hike or walk can do wonders. This year, Earth Day is April 22 and falls on a Saturday! There’s no better way to celebrate than by spending time outside and being reminded of how important it is to not only connect with our planet but to also act on behalf of it. Recently, I hiked a big loop to Cataract Falls on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin. With all of the rain we’ve been having the waterfalls were rushing and gorgeous! The trees and ferns were so lush and everything felt fresh. The drive to this hike alone boasts incredible views of the California coast. Below, I am sharing a link with two options for the hike: either a 7-mile moderately strenuous loop or a more simple out-and-back hike directly to the falls.


Cataract Falls | April 2017


Cataract Falls Trail Loop


From Rock Springs Parking, start following the Cataract Trail. Eventually you will pass the Laurel Dell picnic tables and continue to stay on the single track of Cataract Trail. The Cataract trail intersects with High Marsh Trail just as it starts to descend to Alpine Dam Lake. Stay on Cataract trail. You will descend down lots of steps and start to walk alongside the falls. Continue as far down as you’d like. To return, you’ll have to make a steep journey back up the hills/steps the way you came to the Rock Springs parking area. (This out-and-back is 3-4 miles)

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