“Shooooo”: The Healing Sound for Your Liver!

In QiGong and Chinese Medicine, practitioners believe that each one of our organs are not only associated with a physical element and an emotional feeling but also a specific sound. These sounds are made through breath work and are thought to be able to balance any energy stagnation or blockage. The Spring season is connected to the liver and our livers help to support blood flow and quality of eyesight. Thus, this breath work will help to nourish the liver but has secondary effects on the circulatory system and vision. These healing sounds also have effects on the emotions and the sound for the liver can help turn anger (associated with the liver) into feelings of personal power. The sound of the liver is “Shooooo” – made by puckering your lips and using the middle-high range of your voice. You begin by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth while making the sound then inhale again and repeat. This creates a very rhythmic, intentional breath that instantly balances, calms and rejuvenates. We have a short YouTube video below on how to perform the healing sound with the correct sitting posture and arm movements to get the most benefit for the liver. We’ll be transitioning out of Spring soon into the high energy Yang of Summer so now is the time to take a moment to prepare through breathing and healing sounds.


5 Minute Liver Sound Healing Video!

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