Float Your Way to Bliss: The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Last month I got to try a sensory deprivation tank or “float chamber” for the first time. I was really excited because I had heard the multitude of benefits of spending time in these pods that allow you to become weightless and tune out your main senses – sight, sound, touch. The float pods are filled with thousands of pounds of epsom salt which let you become completely buoyant. The water is kept body temperature so it is easy to get into and sustain. Once you’re in the pod, you close the door and allow yourself to relax. There is plenty of space in the pods so it’s easy to keep away from the walls. Once you find a comfortable body position, you instantly drop into a meditation. My first thought was wondering why I ever left the womb! You get to float for about an hour so there’s ample time to get situated, focus on your breath, and observe what comes up. After the float, I was so relaxed, my muscles felt like they had released all tension, and my joints felt really lubricated. Float chambers are also recommended for: anxiety relief, reducing stress hormones, pain relief, muscle/joint relaxation, and getting some quiet solo time to restore sanity 🙂

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The two float spas I know of are in Oakland – ReBoot Float Spa and Oakland Floats. Here are their websites:



Give their pages a scroll – there’s lots of good information on floating and FAQ.

Happy floating!

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