Standard Process: 21 Days of Internal Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, and with it so has our Liver Qi.

Spring is a season of rapid growth and transformation, however the season’s transitions can feel a little bit rocky if your Liver Qi is off balance. Common signs of an unbalanced Liver are mood swings, irritability, eye problems such as blurry vision, and digestive upsets. To restore balance and flush out any toxins out of your system it is often suggested that one should do a cleanse.

So, what exactly does that mean? In previous blogs we’ve talked about the benefits of an elimination diet that gives your liver and digestive system a break by eliminating certain foods from your day to day diet. Eventually there are several days where you are eating easy to process fruits and vegetables and nothing else, and then you slowly re-introduce grains, meats, and other foods that are harder on the body to break down.

A cleanse takes that concept a step further, starting with only fruits and veggies for up to two weeks and then slowly introducing other food types over a total of twenty-one days. The Standard Process cleanse is unique in that it not only offers you a toxicity questionnaire to see if you would benefit from the cleanse, and what areas of your life and diet need improving, but it also includes a supplement regiment to go along with the diet change.

To start on the Standard Process journey, check out their question:

From there, it’s time to go through your pantry. Standard Process provides a list of recommended fruits and vegetables to stock up on that will be most beneficial during the cleanse and be the best for your body. They also include a list of approved fats (cooking oil is included, along with what types you should use) and lean proteins that can be added back into your diet on Day 11 of the cleanse, spices, flours; anything that would impact your diet they have listed out for you.

It sounds like a lot, but Standard Process also offers 24/7 support. There’s a smartphone app for the cleanse to help guide you through the journey, from daily tips and tricks to a personal journal to track your mood and thoughts. It’s not uncommon for mood fluctuations to happen during a cleanse; you’re rapidly shifting your diet and flushing out your system, and the body sometimes needs a little bit of time to adjust. The app lets you track physical and emotional feelings, water intake, body measurements, personal insight, and activities. It also helps to keep you on track, tracking your foods and providing you with cleanse-friendly recipes.

Standard Process also provides you what outlines of what your daily diet should be as you continue on with the cleanse, when you should take your supplements (which are included when you purchase the Standard Process Cleanse) and even walks you through the ‘new normal’ after the 21 days are over. How do you re-introduce foods in a healthy way? Where should you start? How strict should your diet be now that the cleanse is over? Standard process walks you through all of that, making the whole cleanse as healthy and welcoming as possible.

So, what are the benefits of switching your diet up completely for 21 days? Less bloating, better digestion, better sleep, shinier hair, increased energy and vitality, clearer thinking, improved weight management, and so much more.

To find out even more about the Standard Process cleanse, check out their website:

Want to purchase the program and give it a try? Give us a call at (925) 280-6026 and we will order it for you.


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