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Earth and Air Wellness was founded by Jenna Ferraiolo and Laura Metzdorff, both licensed acupuncturists who believe not only in their medicine but in sharing the knowledge they have acquired in order to help you cultivate wellness in your own life. You’ll find blog posts about Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Nutrition, Pediatric care and “anything else wellness” we can come up with to share. We’ll also keep you updated on news and events from the Earth and Air Wellness acupuncture clinic in Walnut Creek.

Our goal is to educate but also to entertain and create a sense of community here where you can feel free to comment on our entries and start discussions on our topics.  We believe that there is always something more to learn and we want you to feel like this is a place to share what you know. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments and questions you have, or perhaps even ask us if you can write a guest blog entry.

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Laura Metzdorff, L.Ac and Jenna Ferraiolo, L.Ac