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Laura is a California state licensed acupuncturist originally from Long Island, NY. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a bachelor's in English Literature, Laura found herself wanting to do more than her degree had to offer. She knew she wanted to work with people, but wasn't sure what avenue to take. A friend in Oregon introduced her to herbal medicine and shortly after a Long Island friend recommended acupuncture. So began the path to her true calling. Laura started her graduate education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. After her third year there, Laura decided to explore life on the West Coast and moved to California to finish her studies at Pacific's San Diego campus where she obtained a Master's in Traditional Oriental Medicine. During school, Laura assisted at North Shore Acupuncture in Encinitas, CA. She then spent two years assisting and practicing at The Healing Sanctuary in Tustin, CA. In December of 2010, she moved to Northern California and co-founded Earth and Air Wellness, Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine. Laura has always believed that there is more to health than what we've been taught and she has made it her mission to help others gain back power over their health. Her true passion is education. She believes that the first step towards wellness is knowledge and she strives to inspire others and share with them the tools to cultivate wellness.

Summer Comfort: One-Pot Collard Greens Recipe

We’re well into Summer and I’m sure we’ve all been to our fair share of cookouts and BBQs. While I’m certainly not tired of outdoor potlucks, it can be hard to find a good dish to bring that is easy … Continue reading

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Guided Imagery For Fertility

As acupuncturists, we see how easily the mind can affect the body. We very often treat the emotions alongside the physical symptoms to resolve whole body issues! Guided visualization can play a major role in allowing the mind to enter … Continue reading

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Vitamin D for Immune Health

While some are rushing to get their flu shots this time of year, others also turn to more natural methods for strengthening the body’s immune function. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, managing stress and getting enough sleep are all … Continue reading

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QiGong for the Lungs

Autumn is a time for turning inward and becoming more loose and relaxed. Good exercises for the fall are stretching, calisthenics, running and hiking. Qigong is also a very effective form of exercise for both the body and the mind. … Continue reading

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Autumn – The Metal Element

Understanding the seasons can help us better understand our bodies and how to keep them healthy. Continue reading

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Acupressure for Air Travel

If you are anything like me and don’t like to fly, vacation can also be a stressful and bewildering experience. Luckily this acupuncturist knows a few simple and easy tricks to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety while flying. Continue reading

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Acupuncture and Fertility

Chinese medicine is becoming a popular alternative for fertility support. Some studies show an increase in success for those trying to conceive while using acupuncture and herbal medicine. Those who are successful also find that alternative medicine lays down a … Continue reading

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Qi Gong Exercise for the Heart

It is important to remember during this time of year to keep the Heart nourished and it’s Qi flowing smooth. This exercise below can help to balance the Heart and activates its Qi. Continue reading

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Balancing Fire and Water – a Qi Gong Exercise

It is important, especially during the summer, to maintain an healthy balance between Fire (the Heart) and Water (the Kidneys). When Heart and Kidneys are not balanced we may experience difficulty sleeping, emotional stress, and heart issues. Taking the time each day to focus on your body’s energetic balance can help you relieve symptoms and strengthen your overall health. Continue reading

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The 5 Acupuncture Theories – A Western Perspective

While I long for my patients to appreciate the true beauty of this ancient medicine, I’ve come to realize that it is better for them, the medicine, and my business, if I use words and explanations to which they can more easily relate. Continue reading

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