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"Laura Metzdorff, L.Ac helped to bring my dream of becoming a Mom to fruition with her talented array of services and support. I initially started seeing her during the spring of 2010 to treat my periodic insomnia and migraines and those were quickly eliminated through her treatments of acupuncture, calming supplements and her gentle yet informative way. After she had helped me achieve greater overall health she began to focus her treatments to better prepare my body for conception and also taught me how to listen to my body and accurately track my cycles and meditate. I will be eternally grateful to her as I welcome my first child this summer. Thank you for everything, Laura!!"

~ Julia O.

"Jenna Ferraiolo is truly a remarkable acupuncturist that had a significant part to my recovery journey as a spinal cord injury patient. I started sessions with Jenna around December 2009 and ever since I have seen improvements not only in regaining sensory but also mobility in my lower extremities. She would place needles in various parts of my body from my scalp to my feet. After each session, I would go to therapy and I knew that because of the acupuncture my legs had the stimulation to improve. I began my sessions paralyzed from the T 10/11 vertebrae (bellybutton down) and now I have the ability to walk with the assistance of a walker and ankle foot orthotics (AFO). I have also regained slight bladder control as well as temperature in my legs. I am eternally grateful to have had Jenna as my acupuncturist. With her amazing talent as an acupuncturist, she has helped me recover and I know she will help many more to come! Thank you Jenna for everything!"

~ Jennifer B.

"It took several months for my wife to talk me into going to acupuncture for my neck pain. I was skeptical, but finally agreed to give it a try. It didn't take long however to put my full trust in Laura Metzdorff. She is both a professional practitioner and an incredible person. I was surprised at how quickly I felt better, and felt encouraged by Laura taking the time to explain what was going on inside my body and the reasons why. My new knowledge was empowering, and I became increasingly healthier and better able to take care of myself. My regular visits became less regular "tune-ups," and I have Laura to thank for awakening my understanding to take control of my wellness."

~ Wade H.

"I met Jenna a couple of years ago when I was experiencing pain in my right knee. I had previously used acupuncture when I had shingles and found it was the only thing that had given me relief, so I thought it would be worth trying on my knee. I found Jenna thru my insurance’s website, and honestly I chose her because she was close to my house. The fact that she was close turned out to be a bonus. I found Jenna to be very warm and friendly, which is always a good thing when you’re going to be poked with a lot needles. She instantly honed in on the area of my knee that was hurting and I was impressed with her knowledge of the body. While she was treating me she also asked about other symptoms I might be having, and she ended up treating me for some digestion and headache issues I was experiencing. It was almost like she had a sixth sense that my knee wasn’t the only problem I had. At one point while I was seeing Jenna, I mentioned an article I had read on the Internet that mentioned a Chinese herb that supposedly helped with graying hair. Jenna knew of the herb and quickly recommended a supplement for me to take as well as a shampoo to use. These weren’t items she sold so I knew she wasn’t recommending them just to make a sale, but rather I felt like she was truly trying to help me. I saw Jenna for a few months and grew to have a lot of respect for her knowledge of the human body, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Within a few months my knee was good as new with Jenna’s help. I highly recommend Jenna and wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again."

~ Andre G.

"Laura Metzdorff is amazing at what she does. Extremely knowledgeable in her field, as well as passionate. This knowledge and passion comes across to everyone she meets and instantly makes you feel not only at ease with the process and what she is doing, but with her as well. Laura performed acupuncture on an injury I obtained when I had never had any sort of treatment from this arena. She answered all my questions, handled herself professionally and indeed helped me recover quite rapidly as well. I highly recommend Laura to anyone needing her services or seeking answers from her expertise!"

~ Meghan M.

"What a miracle it was for me to meet and be treated with neuro-acupuncture by my healer Jenna Ferraiolo L.Ac. I met Jenna over 2 years ago at Project Walk in Carlsbad where she treated me for an auto-immune disease (transverse myelitis.) She worked with me on an integrative approach toward my wellness by treating my mind, body and spirit. She calmed my fears about the fine needles being placed all over my body by talking with me before, during and after the acupuncture treatments. Her knowledge, professional demeanor, warm smile and caring touch all added to my positive healing process. I have experienced a 50% improvement with my overall pain as well as my gait, balance, stiffness, spasms, numbness, burning in my feet, depression and fatigue since my first appointment with Jenna. I highly recommend Jenna Ferraiolo's services and because of my own marked physical improvements I have encouraged my friends and family to make acupuncture a way of life."

~ Jeanne B.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Metzdorff at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. We were in many of the same classes, and I have had some of the most wonderful and powerful needling experiences from Laura. Not only is her technique truly remarkable, but also her ability to communicate is unforgettable. When she speaks, it is obvious she is passionate about her profession and that she completely believes in what oriental medicine can do. Laura is a fantastic acupuncturist that has proven to provide effective results to me and many others. I know she will be prosperous in all her endeavors, and I am extremely proud to be able to call Laura my colleague and friend."

~ Une S.

"I’m a C 4,5,6 quadriplegic with virtually no movement or sensation below my chest. After I started receiving treatments from Jenna Ferraiolo, L.Ac. I started to see results almost immediately. I initially went to see her for help with improving motor function in my hands and strengthening my core balance. Once there she informed me of other conditions that could be addressed through acupuncture. Since beginning treatment I have noticed a huge improvement in sensation in my arms and hands, overall core balance (abdominal and oblique muscle groups), bowel and bladder function, blood pressure stabilization and general wellness. Her treatments have become an excellent addition to my physical therapy and recovery from Spinal Cord Injury. Thank you Jenna!"

~ Mark H.

"Laura Metzdorff interned at my clinic, North Shore Acupuncture a few years ago. She was one of the best interns ever. She's smart, friendly and has a genuine healing touch. My patients loved her and many still ask about her. If you have chosen Laura as your acupuncturist you have made an excellent choice."

~ Alison R., L.Ac.

"I had constant annoying pains in my right arm for as I could remember and with my current job it had increased. After just one treatment with Jenna using acupuncture on my arm I’ve had no problems with it since. I still use my arms to lift objects several times a day and still have had no problems. Thanks Jenna!"

~ Keleigh H.

"Laura Metzdorff is a knowledgeable, compassionate practitioner who is truly committed to good patient care. She listens well and is easy to connect with, and she practices acupuncture with intention. I am an acupuncturist myself, and I would feel completely comfortable being a patient of Laura's."

~ Lorelle S., L.Ac.

"First, I think Laura is terrific and has a GREAT bedside manner. I was comfortable right away during our first session and her ability to communicate what is going on and what to expect is truly appreciated. I would recommend her to my friends and family who have a need for acupuncture therapy."

~ Kevin H.